Friday, March 13, 2009


Zebra prints are everywhere these days and with good reason-it adds a modern graphic punch to any room. In my series of guest posts entitled Domino's Icons of Style on We Love Domino, I looked at Domino's influence in making the zebra rug an icon of modern design. What about zebra on the walls instead of the floor? I love these two wallpapers.

  1. This gorgeous paper, Zebrine, by the legendary Rose Cumming, was designed in the 1930s, yet looks so modern and fresh today. The first photo from Domino Magazine shows an unexpected use in a dramatic hallway in decorator Ashley Whittaker's apartment.

   2. This lovely House Beautiful apartment of Robin Bell wallpapered in the black and white version, demonstrates how to really make this work-keep the other furnishings understated and elegant. 

   3. Zebrine also comes in a beautiful red.

   4. If you are bold, this wallpaper is incredible. It was designed by Scalamandre in the 1940s for Gino's restaurant in Manhattan where it still hangs today. It was also used in the iconic movie The Royal Tenebaums. It has been reissued by Scalamandre in its Cabinet de Curiosites Collection and comes in three colors-Masai Red, Zanzibar Gold, and Serengeti Green.

   5. The original version in Gino's restaurant.

   6. The Royal Tenenbaums.

   7. Kate Spade's bathroom.

(photos courtesy of Domino Magazine and House Beautiful)


*moggit girls said...

Great post. We dunno - this would prob get on your nerves real fast? (and we hate re-wallpapering)

Thanks for your visit to our blog!

Joy and Janet

Style Redux 2 said...

I think I would love it in a powder room, entryway, hallway, or walk-in closet. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy your blog!

annechovie said...

Beth, I really like these wallpapers! Very cheery and great for a smallish room, esp.
Thanks for the sweet comment - you are always so supportive! Have a great wknd!

Style Redux 2 said...

Thanks Anne. You have a lovely weekend too!

Scott Fazzini said...

That second photo is BRILLIANT! Also, I'm crazy about the sets in the Royal Tennenbaums!

Style Redux 2 said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. Did you see that we are in D.C. as well? I love your blog-I will immediately add you to my blog list and daily reads. Read my post from February 20th for a funny story about my sending in photos of The Royal Tenenbaums when the Home Section of the WP was doing a favorite movie set article.