Monday, March 16, 2009

A Place to Blog

These top three pictures are of the spot in my kitchen where I write my blog. Recently shown on the blog Annechovie and the Washington Post Home section online, many people have commented that they wish they had a chic and creative place to blog. I have assembled some great photos and tips from Domino Magazine to help you create a place of your own anywhere in your home. Domino also has an excellent how to article entitled 9 Tips for Establishing a Creative Space by Amy Shearn. You do not need an extra room. Some tips from Domino include selecting a space that works for you in terms of light, noise, and location, delineating the space, perhaps with a rug or screen or curtain, cleaning and organizing because clutter blocks energy, choosing colors you are drawn to (in Feng Shui magenta pink like I have chosen brings energy and green encourages growth), and surrounding yourself with beautiful and meaningful objects. 

Some of my sources for my blog spot include Ballard Designs (kitchen stools), Bruschwig & Fils (fabric), Seda France (candle), Iomoi (memo pad in lucite holder), Mottahedeh (china), Annechovie (pink Royal Worcester Jar canvas), and the New York Botanical Garden Shop (silver twig chair). Some of my tips-don't be afraid of fabric in the kitchen-I chose this wonderful Brunshwig &  Fils Chinese toile and had it vinylized. Another idea-I chose a background for my desktop computer that I love to look at and matches my decor-it is a photo off of eBay of some vintage wallpaper-a great free idea!  Lastly, beautiful art is important for creativity. The top picture is a crayon sketch of Marilyn Monroe on an old Paul Bocuse cookbook recipe I bought on eBay and had framed. The pink Royal Worcester Jar canvas on my counter is by Anne Harwell of Annechovie who is a wonderful artist and also does commissions. Her work has been featured many places including my beloved Domino magazine.

   1. This fabric bulletin board is a great organizational tool, as are the satchel and file cabinet:

   2. The pink raffia satchels and pretty ribboned boxes under the desk are wonderful storage ideas:

   3. I love the use of yellow and white paint and the Philippe Starck Louis ghost chair:

   4. This dark blue and white minimalist approach is chic and dramatic:

   5. Surround yourself with objects you love and that spark creativity:

   6. A lovely spot in this guest bedroom with a gorgeous Elkins loop chair:

   7. An antique architectural column cut in half for the base with a glass top:

   8. The very clever Nick Olsen erected a tent over a side table he covered in burlap for a glamorous desk area:

   9. Lively and fiery red, pink, and orange to create positive energy:

   10. In a bedroom, keep it organized and elegant, not like a work station:


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