Saturday, March 14, 2009

Orange Daze

Orange has popped up all over runways and has now made its way through stores. I think of it as a nice breath of fresh air. Orange is one of those colors that is often overlooked. People are afraid they don't have the complexion to pull it off. Fear not for pumpkin orange is not the only shade you'll be seeing. Coral, paprika, and nectar are very pretty colors that are worth experimenting with. This year orange will prevail because it's something hot. Magazines are telling us it's the season's must-try. Its newness is enticing for those excited to break out and wear a slew of bright new colors. I've composed a collection of lovely orange things that have peaked my interest. I'm personally looking forward to pairing cobalt blue with orange one day very soon. 

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Style Redux 2 said...

I have an Orange Crush!