Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring forward to this...

Scrolling through Urban Outfitters makes for a fun time. There are great finds that are only available online; in a way it's like looking at a whole other store. I always love everything by Silence & Noise. And Dolce Vita has some very trendy shoes. I actually wore a pair of Dolce Vita brown leather buckle gladiators to work today. It felt nice to break out the sandals since it hit the 60s today. Hello Spring! Oh, and the necklaces I'm showing you are oh so darling.

1. Silence & Noise shredded leggings. Thankfully already seeing the trend for much less:

2. Silence & Noise harem pants: tapered, high-waisted, and fab:

3. Sweet Life by Dolce Vita: love the architectural heel and cutout details: 

4. Dolce Vita wedge heel: this shape reminds me of the Givency lace bootie:

5. Mixed Media necklace: nice use of texture and layering:

6. Beaded bib necklace: reminiscent of Phillip Lim's bibs:  

7. Super Candy necklace: rocker meets girly girl:

8. Super Candy necklace: flirty and fancy: 

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