Monday, March 2, 2009

The Domino Inspired My Home Contest

Those of you who follow this blog know that I have been doing a series of guest posts entitled Domino's Icons of Style for Kate Mulinix's new blog We Love Domino. Kate announced today that she is having a decorating contest giving you the chance to submit photos of your own home showing how you have been inspired by Domino Magazine. You can submit either a Whole room or a Vignette (part of a room). Photos submitted will be posted on her blog, judges will choose semifinalists, and readers will vote for the winners. There are cool prizes, but I also think it's a fun way to show off your decorating talents. Please visit We Love Domino for complete rules. Any photos submitted to We Love Domino that reference one of my icons of style will be featured here as well. Here is a complete list of my Domino's Icons of Style, since we are just midway through the series.

  1. The Zebra Rug
  2. Pink Walls
  3. The Miles Redd Birdcage Bed
  4. The Miles Redd Blue Door
  5. Antlers
  6. Moroccan Poufs
  7. The Saarinen Table
  8. Black Kitchen Walls
  9. Modern Chinoiserie
  10. Mix and Match
  11. The Bar Cart
  12. The Louis XVI Chair

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