Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who are you wearing, Barbie? Chanel

This month Barbie and Ken get dressed and styled by Karl Lagerfeld in the windows of the famous Colette boutique in Paris, France. This exhibit is one I'd personally like to see. What better way to celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary than dressing up in Chanel? The power couple look flawless and glam in primarily black and white. They complement each other so well. Ken's tailored suits are a good look for him. My Ken during childhood had plastic for hair and a jaw less chiseled. He could only dream of looking this sexy. Barbie's outfits are to die for. The black and white Chanel suit is divine and her hat is the perfect accessory. I was never jealous of Barbie until now. She looks as though she was made to wear Chanel. Isn't that every girl's dream? 

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PALS said...

Barbie is my dream wife. Is there a barbie in real life?

Barbie at CPB

Style Redux 2 said...

I hope when you find her she's wearing Chanel.

hunkate said...

that can't be a real ken doll! it looks like a real guy they photoshopped to be with barbie! my ken's were never that hot!!