Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Reluctant Gardener

Would you like to bring a touch of the garden into your city abode, but not in a girly, floral way? Each of these pieces would add a bold, architectural, modern presence to any room.

   1. A Poet's Likeness-in neoclassical style, stunning for a bedroom, living room, or dining room-Wisteria-$129

   2. Small Floral Lamp-French reproduction in antiqued iron-Wisteria-$99

   3. Translucent Bird Lamp-reminds me of a Philippe Starck ghost chair-Wisteria-$179

   4. Aidan Gray Rusted Urns-vintage inspired-Smith and Hawken-from $49

    5. Red Wooden Lantern-Zen inspired-Smith and Hawken-$59

   6. Cast Stone Tufted Ottoman-expensive but so gorgeous and dramatic-I want one in front of my fireplace-Coleen and Company-$750

   7. Metal Potted Plants-used in 19th century France for the winter garden and conservatories-Wisteria-$59 and $129

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