Sunday, March 22, 2009

Domino Magazine and Sara Gilbane

For all of you left wanting more of Sara Gilbane's gorgeous rooms after my post on her might have been April 2009 cover of Domino Magazine, here they are. I love her aesthetic-it is so classically American-a young, modern take on traditional elegance. She obviously is unafraid of things I adore like color, printed fabrics, canopy beds, coronas, and uses them all in such a new fresh way. I really enjoy her use of color-I am not a fan of the currently popular beige, greige, gray, monochromatic rooms at all! I know we'll be seeing an amazing decorating book from Sara down the road. In the meantime enjoy her excellent website Sara Gilbane Interiors.


liz said...

LOVE her work- just saw her apartment in the west village- fabulous fun color!! her new blog is a must-read for me every am!

Anonymous said...

"Clos-ette Too's Clos-ette case features Sara Gilbane, a New York based designer.

Learn more about her critically acclaimed interiors and check out her great suggestions for organizing your closet space-- AMAZING!!"