Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Always Trendy Crew

One of the things I appreciate most about J.Crew is not only their fresh perspective and good eye, but their knack for incorporating the best of the best in trends. Everything is elegant, but with a modern edge. Here is a list of stunning new pieces at J.Crew that are classic, but current. I've always thought one of the best rules in fashion is to look timeless, but to be aware of what's popular and in style too.

1. Sequins. No longer reserved for nights out or the holidays. Pair a sequin blouse with wool trousers.

2. Necklace Tee. You get a necklace and tee all in one! 

3. Leopard. An animal print cardigan is wild enough to get you noticed, but still work appropriate. 

4. Sweater Dress. Casual and comfy but sweet and flattering for a day out.

5. Military Sweater-Jacket: Jackets with strong details are quite eye-catching. 

6. Herringbone Blazer. A sharp and tailored fall essential. 

7. Long Boyfriend Blazer. Pair a boyfriend blazer with skinny jeans or over a sweet little dress. 

8. Tweed Jacket: Go Jackie-O in a tweed suit or be casual with jeans. 

9. Ruffled Coat. Romantic and frilly details are very much in style for fall. 


Laura Trevey said...

ohhh.... I love Fall clothes!!
the first top is to die for ~~

Couture Carrie said...

Fab fall trendspotting!
Love that necklace tee!


Sanity Fair said...

I would add to the list of J. Crew attributes: WEARABLE. They are so wearable - realistic clothes for women that are not dull. I can't get enough. Hadn't seen the ruffled coat before - that's really cool. Structured and not frilly.

Averill said...

That coat is gorgeous! Lately I feel like I've been spotting all these wonderful overcoats...only problem is, I live in Houston where I (at best) get to wear one a few weeks a year!

Style Redux said...

Laura- Fall clothes are just the best.

Style Redux said...

CC- The necklace tee is beautiful.

Style Redux said...

Sanity Fair- You're so right. The ruffled coat is incredibly fun.

Style Redux said...

Averill- I love wearing coats, but I don't like the cold weather.

Chic Provence said...

The boyfriend the longer length! also it looks fabulous with all those pearl necklaces!

Style Redux said...

Chic Provence- Longer blazers are definitely a key item this fall.