Monday, February 9, 2009

The Pink Dressing Room-High/Low

Habitually Chic, one of my favorite interior design blogs, just featured the amazing Manhattan townhouse of Julie and Luke Janklow currently listed at $25 million. Literary agent Luke Janklow and his wife Julie, founder of restaurant Sweetiepie in the West Village are splitting up. The top picture below is of her dressing room fashioned in perspex and glass with pink silk carpeting inspired by Joan Crawford's dressing room in the movie Mommie Dearest. The bottom picture is my dressing room inspired by my wish that my hats, shoes, gloves, and handbags no longer be squished. I took a spare bedroom, pink paint, Container Store elfa shelving, a recycled dresser from my daughter's nursery and created my dressing room for about $1000. The pink paint I had colored matched to a shopping bag from Thomas Pink. It's Pink's pink :) While researching for this post, I came across a great quote by Julie Janklow about her mostly self designed townhouse. "I can't imagine somebody decorating my house. It would be like someone dressing me every morning, telling me what to wear." Especially if, like Julie, you have taste and style. If you don't, in the words of Joe Biden, "God love ya."


  1. Wow, Beth, I think you did a fabulous job on your closet! Love it! BTW, your blog looks great, too.

  2. Thanks Anne. Coming from someone as talented as you are, that is a real compliment.

  3. Love it! How did I not see this post when I was looking for inspiration for my dressing room! It looks great!