Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Intersection of Fashion and Design

The Rodarte Fall 2009 Ready to Wear Collection just shown at New York Fashion Week was all the buzz. The designers, two sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, are from Pasadena, not Paris. Rodarte is their mother's maiden name. Support American Designers! Their look is so modern, feminine and sophisticated. I loved the cocktail dresses wrapped in silk chiffon ribbons that were wound about the body. And those leather wrapped thigh high boots-everyone was gasping and rushing to photograph them up close. Maybe these will get us all out of the stripper boots I so detest. No, I have never worn them. I was struck by the architectural quality and it reminded me of a post I just did on the stunning Peter Traag Mummy chair. I think they should have had the guests at the Rodarte show sitting on Mummy chairs instead of the tin foil wrapped chairs. Actually, I think the tin foil is quite thrifty chic and fun! Jennifer Dwyer at The Peak of Chic did a recent post showing bubble wrap tablecloths and cellophane curtains.

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