Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tassel Time

The Marc Jacobs 09 spring ready to wear collection features amazing tassel handbags. There are so many variations and styles-animal prints, quilted leathers, and layered ruffles. I just can't believe how much I love the freshness of these bags. They're busy without being too much. I deeply appreciate the innovation, texture, color, and statement of these handbags. Thank you Marc Jacobs for being a creative genius. I think the ones that have multiple tassels are so funky and chic. Some tassels are even snakeskin, which is quite possibly the coolest idea ever. I remember when my mom would use oversized tassels to tie and drape the living room curtains at home. I always thought the look was very regal. Who knew a tassel could look like it belonged on a bag this good? 

These tassel totes from the Gap are cheap n' chic. I see myself going for an effortless look during a hot Georgetown day slinging the pink one over my arm dressed in boyfriend jeans and a tank top. 


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