Friday, February 20, 2009

Domino's Icons of Style

If you are still grieving the loss of Domino Magazine, please check out Katie Mulinix's new blog We Love Domino. I am doing a series of guest mini posts entitled Domino's Icons of Style where I will be featuring what I see as Domino's legacy to interior design. The first icon, the Tiger Rug, is showcased today. Please visit her blog for my posts and those by other guest design bloggers and leave your comments. The idea is to bring together the blog community to highlight our favorite inspirations, rooms, articles, and photos from Domino. Who knows, maybe Conde Nast will bring back Domino or at least keep the website going. At a minimum, we are letting them know what a mistake they have made. Please join us.


  1. Congratulations, Beth! I will head over there and read your post. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Anne-I will be doing a whole series-I hope you will check them all out.

  3. Hi Anne, I loved your collection of photos at we love domino. Did you happen to see the article in the NY Post the other day?
    If your readers could go petition there it's a great venue to be heard.

  4. Bienvenue Claudia,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am a fan of the paris apartment. I did see the New York Post article and I have posted a comment. It's heartening to see this groundswell of support for Domino. Please continue to follow this blog and We Love Domino for the series of posts I am doing on Domino's Icons of Style.