Monday, February 16, 2009

Gold Bamboo Serving Cart-High/Low

I posted yesterday about the wonderful gold bamboo collection from Mermaid Hut. I just happened across this gorgeous Bamboo Server from Baker that is quite reminiscent of Mermaid Hut's Two-Tiered Antiqued Mirror Table. The Baker piece is somewhat larger and stunning, no question. But both have chinoiserie styling with gold faux bamboo and antiqued mirror shelves. The Baker server retails for well over $2000, while the one from Mermaid Hut is about $200. Both would make amazing bar carts, depending on your budget.


Mermaid Hut

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Scott Fazzini said...

I adore the little one from Mermaid Hut, and it's much more in my range of economy. BUT, I am wildly in love with the Bamboo Server from Baker! It's in the Collector's Edition collection, which is probably my favorite of all the Baker collections. I need to marry well! : )

Style Redux 2 said...

The Baker is stunning, no question. I love bar carts. I have an upcoming post on elegant bars and bar carts on the blog We Love Domino in my series Domino's Icons of Style. I think every chic home needs a bar cart. I did read a funny comment by a designer who said he didn't like them because he was always worried the host would roll it away!

Scott Fazzini said...

That's why you carry a sweet little flask in your breast pocket!