Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is Style?

I found this post on a blog called Mr. Sartorial through a Google Alert I have for "Style Redux." I thought it was worth posting. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

'What is Style?' Redux
I posted this on the blog I was previously working on and I’m going to repost the question here, with a slightly modified answer of my own, because I think it’s valuable food for thought.
I was asked this question a while back and I didn’t know how to answer it right away, so I thought about it. What is style? Well, it’s created by people for people; a way of communicating, a way of expressing oneself. This is why everyone has different styles. It can apply to anything: they way we do things, the way we dress, the way we organize the world around us.
Style encompasses many things. Style is about how we interpret events in our life and respond to them through mannerisms. It is the physical expression of our inner self, and it is inescapable, as much a part of you as your thoughts. It is the telling of a story in all the ways that are not spoken.
I once said that style is the way that all of the pieces of a moment come together in a way that makes it beautiful.
Style means many things to many people. What’s your story?

(Text courtesy of Mr. Sartorial, photo courtesy of Phillip Lim)


  1. Gorgeous definition, darling! I totally agree!


  2. Every time I pop in to say hello, I am so drawn to your title photo ~~

    love it !!


  3. Great piece. My late momma used to say, "You can't buy taste." Amen to that.

  4. Laura-That's so nice of you-thanks!