Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Perfect Red Lipstick by Chanel

I am a long time fan of Chanel lipstick-it's all I wear. I normally use a Chanel lipstick with Chanel Glossimer over it. This Rouge Allure Laque is incredible. It is liquid lacquer-opaque lipstick and gloss all in one. And it stays on for hours without drying your lips. I wore it to a Christmas party the other night and it stayed on through eating and drinking without reapplying it once, while keeping its glossy sheen. My two favorites are Coromandel-an orange red with a very subtle shimmer and Dragon-a true red. Both are stunning. At $32.00, a lovely little Chanel Christmas indulgence for yourself.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous ~ will have to try it, darling!


  2. How did I manage to miss THIS !? Thank you for ntroducing me to the new lipstick by Chanel.I will make a point of treating myself to it this weekend :-)

  3. Looks like I might have to add another red to my collection!

  4. Monica-You can never have too many reds.