Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy Fun

If you've visited Etsy then you know how truly addictive it is. I can easily spend hours looking at vintage inspired clothing, headbands, ruffles, lingerie, etc. The talent and creativity of these designers amazes me. I want to share with you a few of my favorite designers and finds. My expensive taste means these delicious discoveries are being filed under my Etsy wish list...

black & pink victorian inspired 

quirky and charming headbands

luxurious vintage inspired lingerie

Carrie Bradshaw-esque tutus

dreamy and romantic dresses 

beautifully crafted boleros and headpieces


  1. That bolero is divine. Fit to throw over a stylish bride's shoulders.

  2. That last photo is to die for! Love that!!!

    xoxo Noel

  3. I'm avoiding Etsy for fear of addiction! I knew I was missing out...these are pretty finds! That sheer, flowered bolero is incredible! I can picture it on with a very well-tailored, more simplistic dress in soft pink. Divine!

  4. Frances- This bolero would look so dreamy on a bride. It kind of makes me wish I was getting married..

  5. Noel- I know! I get lost in this picture. Too pretty.

  6. Sarah Klassen- Everyone seems to love the bolero! I've never before seen boleros this delicate and romantic.

  7. So much talent on Etsy! Thanks for your selections. Love the last one.

  8. A Thousand Clapping Hands- I'm glad to see you like my picks. I wish I knew how to design such beautiful things.