Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quintessential Chanel-Spotlight on Trends

This spring's 2009 Chanel Collection is at first glance old school Chanel-prim, proper and ladylike. But this is not your mother's Chanel-it is slightly wild, messy, sexy, undone, and undeniably amazing. Note the following trends:

1. Black and white
2. Ruffles and bows
3. Ankle boots
4. Hats

I so hope hats might catch on at last. I adore hats and look forward to occasions to wear one. D.C. has always been a great hat city, especially in the African American community. I am optimistic that our elegant First Lady might wear a hat or two and bring hats back into vogue. I love the hats in this Chanel collection-high, whimsical, and slightly funereal. Be on the lookout on eBay and in vintage stores for a great black hat reminiscent of one of these. Vintage Dior and Schiaparelli hats are especially lovely. Use black and white pieces already in your wardrobe and top it off with a great hat. Don't be afraid to make a statement!

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