Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unleash your wild self-her apartment.

And here is a peek at her apartment....

(photos courtesy of Domino Magazine)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Unleash your wild self.

Black and white printed frocks are always a classic choice. This spring black and white is going in a new direction. The word fierce comes to mind. This Alexander McQueen tiger printed scarf dress will get you noticed if you're the type who likes to have all eyes on you. Or if you're just feeling playful. The long attached scarf is a fun and dramatic detail that can be styled in different ways. It goes without saying a woman must have confidence (in her style) to pull this off. Since leopard print is a big staple in my closet I'd feel at ease in this tiger creation. I do think this look would be perfect somewhere like New York. Walking through SoHo in this hot little number would be quite the picture. 

Create Your Own Runway Shoes

What about turning shoes you already own into fabulous designer look-a-likes for a few dollars? For the first pair, any pumps will work. Head to the fabric store and buy 2 yards of wide velvet ribbon to match or contrast with the pumps. Tie the ribbon in bows, cut points, and attach with a glue gun, or velcro, or clips, depending on how permanent you want the bows. Adjust the length so you don't trip!

For these gorgeous flower sandals, pick a pair of strappy heels. Head to Forever 21, Anthropologie, or your local craft store for silk flowers. Buy a pair of oversized flowers. If they already have pins, just pin to your shoes. Fabulous!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Egg Rooms

Convinced that lavender, especially combined with pink or yellow are colors that belong on Easter eggs, but not in your sophisticated home? These pictures from Domino Magazine might just change your mind.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Tim Gunn

The amazing style guru Tim Gunn is stopping by a few Kate Spade store locations now through May. Unfortunately D.C. is not on his travel itinerary. He'll be posing for photographs with customers and sharing some of his spring style tips. Hopefully he'll come and visit the cute Georgetown D.C. Kate Spade next time around. I've picked out a few Kate Spade favorites that I'm confident Tim would approve of. You should really check out the clothing section for bright ideas. The pieces are so one-of-a-kind and are a perfect excuse to play dress up. 






2. Bow clutch $123
4. Satin pump $298
6. Woven bag $325 

Ruffled Belts and More

These belts and accessories by design team Borba Margo of London are quite amazing. They manage to be feminine, sexy, bold, modern, elegant, and classic, all at the same time. Although the body stocking ad campaign may be a bit hard to pull off in everyday life, the point is well taken. These pieces speak for themselves. Pair one of these with leggings and a turtleneck, jeans and a t-shirt, or a simple sheath. I especially like this first black ruffled belt. Their work is so fresh and modern-it reminds me of the Tate Modern, where I suspect they draw inspiration. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Cannot be Neutral in the Presence of a Hat

With Easter quickly approaching, what about breaking out of your fashion comfort zone and finding a fabulous hat? One of my favorite things about spring is the chance to wear hats-Easter, Mother's Day, weddings, garden parties, Kentucky Derby parties, all cry out for that perfect hat. To inspire you, here are some great pictures. (Yes, that is my hat collection, in case you don't think I practice what I preach.) Great sources include vintage stores, eBay, online, department stores like Neiman Marcus, specialty stores-The Hat Shop in Soho and online is amazing. The hats below are all from a wonderful online millinery store called Samuel's Hats. The great quote I used for my title is from the amazing milliner Patricia Underwood.