Monday, August 31, 2009


Feathers are a trend I love for this fall. My favorite look in feathers is marabou, but this is marabou done elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous. The first three photos are from Phillip Lim's fall RTW collection-a striped marabou skirt, a champagne marabou mini dress paired with black velvet and sequins, and an evergreen marabou bolero. The last three are J.Crew-a marabou clutch, the Gwen dress, and a pin/hair clip. Keep your eyes out for a marabou piece for your wardrobe this fall. The key is a very understated color palette of fall colors like black, taupe, beige, or green.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have a Lovely Weekend

(Photo courtesy of Rodney Smith)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello Yellow

Yellow is hot hot hot for fall. If your cool skin tones keep you from wearing a yellow outfit, think about adding a great yellow accessory to your fall wardrobe. Here is some great inspiration-yellow gloves, a necklace, tights, a handbag, or a headband. Yellow works beautifully with the colors of fall-gray, black, brown, and taupe. It is a great attention getter and exudes confidence.

(Photos Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Emily Sistrunk, Kate Spade, Tasha)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Statement Necklace

Vera Wang 

Once again statement necklaces are very big this fall. One of the easiest ways to receive a compliment on your style is to find a necklace with a major pop factor. Designers have gone to dramatic extremes with pieces that are embellished, textured, layered, heavy, and severe. These necklaces have a tough and serious edge, but remain feminine at the same time. Nowadays shoppers want investment pieces that can carry them from day to night and that will complement different outfits. In this economic climate women are spending money on items that will enhance their closet. Something like a bold and beautiful necklace is a smart investment. It's a simple way to add instant glamour and elegance. 

Here is a list of ways you can showcase one of these fabulous necklaces: 

1. Business suit 
2. Collarless jacket 
3. Strapless dress 
4. Long silk dress
5. Wrap coat 
6. Fur coat 
7. Blazer 
8. V-neck sweater 

Vera Wang 


Oscar de la Renta 

3.1 Phillip Lim


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sequins for Day

My co-blogger and daughter Kate and I were having a fun girl's day out yesterday shopping. At Neiman Marcus, I of course headed straight for the fall collection of my favorite designer Phillip Lim. He is unquestionably my go to designer. Yesterday I wore Phillip Lim during the day, and changed into another one of his dresses for an evening out. I love the gold and sequins he is showing in his fall collection and was even more delighted when Kate, a fashion stylist, told me that this is a big look for DAY. Granted, this is not a look for a law firm, but for those in more fashion forward fields like fashion, interior design, or the arts, why not? I have a stunning vintage gold sequined coat I would love to pair with flannels and cashmere for day. You will be seeing sequined separates all over the stores. What an exciting way to jazz up your fall wardrobe.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall for Yellow

As you know yellow is one of the most popular colors in fashion for fall. I think a yellow coat is so crisp and fresh. A pop of color is enough to brighten up even the chilliest day. Sometimes I'll fall into a routine of wearing black pretty regularly. I feel like I'm secretly a New Yorker living in D.C. I look in the mirror and even my handbag is black! That's when you know it's time to add a colorful detail. While black looks cool and classic on its own adding a splash of color can do wonders for your ensemble. It can make something old look new again. Pairing yellow with black or navy brings a little personality to your wardrobe. If you're feeling adventurous throw on a yellow coat with purple tights. If you like bright colors but they make you a little nervous wear mainly dark hues but add a mustard suede belt. It's a simple but stylish way to revitalize your look. A key idea to remember is not to underestimate the chicness of color in one's wardrobe. 

I love the idea of pairing a yellow shoe with navy, grey, black, or purple. Yellow isn't typically a color you see too often in footwear so these darling shoes are quite the pleasant surprise. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Louis Vuitton et moi

I adore the Louis Vuitton fall collection and thought it would be fun to see what ideas I would like to incorporate in my fall wardrobe.

A great dressy embellished coat-I have a vintage coat very similar to this that even has black fox cuffs. I love the upswept hair as well.

Gray, ruching, a statement necklace, a big handbag.

Yellow for fall-remember that great yellow Kate Spade dress-also crazy about this yellow J.Crew jacket and coat. I also like the idea of prints for fall.

Black and pink-my all time favorite combination.

Black, pink, ruffles, and bunny ears-I'm there!

Love the black lace stockings.

Two colors of pink together-brilliant.

More pink for fall-yes! I also adore all the ribboned platform shoes.

Love the deep pink bra showing through the blush pink.

Purple and black-especially the purple necklace and long gloves. This is how I would wear purple this fall-with lots of black for a more elegant look.

Any ideas here you will try?

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoy Your Weekend

(Photo courtesy of Rodney Smith)