Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Neon Lights

Some of you may have read our recent post on wearing neon this spring and thought, it is a great look but too (wild, trendy, South Beach, Lilly Pulitzer, or whatever-you fill in the blank). Is this for the runway only or a look I can wear? Here is a list of 10 ways anyone can wear neon while looking chic, elegant, and sophisticated.

  1. Pair it with neutrals-dress in beige, navy, black, or cream and add 1 neon piece.  This ensemble is by Phillip Lim.

   2. Add neon gloves. (These at Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter)

   3. Wear a simple elegant dress in neon, like this by Lanvin, keeping accessories to an absolute minimum.

   4. Add a neon scarf-here by Costume National.

   5. Add a piece of jewelry in neon, like these by Kate Spade.

   6. Wear a neon handbag; these all by Kate Spade.

   7. Neon shoes can really pop; try wearing with a simple black sheath. These by Juicy Couture (top) and Kate Spade (bottom).

   8. Add a neon belt, like this one from Saks.

   9. Tone neon down by anchoring it with black accessories. (photos courtesy of Vera Wang and Paul Costelloe)

   10. Wear a great neon lipstick-my two favorites are Chanel Provocative and Nars Funny Face.

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