Saturday, February 28, 2009

Runway Makeup

This spring makeup will not only make you look beautiful, it is stunning to look at too. Each of these is tres chic. They all have a great retro feel to them, reminding us of  a time when cosmetic cases were works of art themselves.

  1. Chanel Satin Lip Cream Palette-this coveted collection of five gorgeous useful lipstick shades in red, plums, and pinks that form the iconic double C. $60
 2. Dior Lady Dior Palette-in the famous Lady Dior Cannage Handbag-it comes with a mirror, highlighter, and cheek/lip tint in two versions-French Chic and Parisienne Chic. $95

   3. Coach Legacy Lipstick in this elegant candy striped tube-available in 6 colors. $28

Friday, February 27, 2009

Miles Redd's Blue Door

This beautiful robin's egg blue door belongs to the very talented interior designer Miles Redd. It is #4 in the series of guest posts entitled Domino's Icons of Style I am doing for the blog We Love Domino. Please stop by to see my tips on how to emulate this elegant door for your own home, including paint colors and hardware advice. If any of you have used this color on your own door I would love it if you would send me a photo. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jewelry Must-Haves

Banana Republic is back on my radar these days. Top fashion mags are featuring stunning statement necklaces, cheap but very chic bangles, and relaxed silk blouses and pants all from Banana. The store is revamping their image and giving us their take on modern sophistication. The website is looking polished and refreshed. It even has style lookbooks, which is one of my favorite features on fashion sites. The jewelry on their website is what I find most inviting. I must not be the only one who thinks so because this bib necklace I love (price point $125ish) is no longer available online! Isn't it lovely? 

The pieces look very designer without breaking the bank. Needless to say that is on everyone's minds these days. Here are a few of my chosen favorites: 

bib necklace- delicate and sweet. 

standout necklace- coral and fringe.

jigsaw necklace-- an abstract touch. 

stackable bangle rings- an edgy coolness

bangles- earthy tones and for only 29 bucks a set. 
(photos courtesy of

Coco Chanel Charme Chair

I have shown you many chairs that to me are the embodiment of couture fashion including the Peter Traag Mummy chair channeling Rodarte, the Frances Elkins loop chair and Rodarte laser cut leggings, patent leather chairs, the runway inspired Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Too Sexy Sadie chair and others. I believe a great chair can really elevate a room. Pictured here is the stunning Charme chair by Studio Archivolta. It is the embodiment of Chanel. It features soft quilted capitone leather on a strong aluminum frame. I am very taken by its combining of masculine materials on a very feminine form. What a brilliant idea. Although pricey at $995, it would add such glamor to any room. It can be found at online stores like The Conran Shop and in retail stores like JANUS et Cie.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miles Redd-The Bird Cage Bed

Please stop by the excellent new blog We Love Domino today to read my third in a series of guest posts entitled Domino's Icons of Style. Katie Mulinix has brought together the design blog community to relive the great days of Domino Magazine and who knows, maybe even bring it back from the dead. Today's post features this lovely bedroom by the incredibly talented Miles Redd. The post will give you tips on how to achieve this look yourself no matter what your budget. For more on this room and on other great canopy beds please revisit my earlier post The Perfect Canopy Bed

Ruffles Ruffles Everywhere 2

Ruffles are huge this spring and many of the top designers have gorgeous versions. If you love the look, but not the price, I have discovered some amazing bags that are very budget friendly. They are made by an Icelandic label Hidden Goods just launched in 2008. Iceland has a new and evolving fashion industry. The designer was inspired for this collection by the circus life of the nineteenth century and its mysticism. I think the handbags are very feminine and stylish. Pair one of these with that little black dress. You will be sure to get attention. Priced from $169 for the little pouf to $260 for the wreath of ruffles, they are 100% cotton and available in several colors. I think the large purple one is wonderful. You can order online at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink is the New Black

Pink has always been my favorite color. I had a pink foyer, living room, and dining room years ago when nobody was using pink outside of the a nursery or girl's bedroom. Now pink is everywhere. It has become mainstream. This is in large measure due to the influence of Domino Magazine, who showed us how to use it in every room no matter what your decorating style. Please check out my second in the series I am doing entitled Domino's Icons of Style #2 Pink Walls for the new blog We Love Domino. Here are some ideas for incorporating pink if you are a pink newbie. You will discover that pink is modern, elegant, chic, dramatic, and will add a pop of color wherever you use it.

  1. A pink work of art

2.  A pink ceiling

3. Cover chair seats in pink

4. Pink pillows

5.  A pink teapot

6.  A pink chaise or couch

7. A pink poster

8. A pink entryway

9. Wallpaper a powder room in pink

10.  A pink coffee table

11. Pink Moroccan poufs

12.  A pink lampshade

13. Pink shelf liner

14. Pink flowers

15. Pink light bulbs

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

My absolute favorite look of the night at the Academy Awards was Natalie Portman wearing a gorgeous Grecian inspired Rodarte gown. It was:
  1. Simple
  2. Strapless
  3. Silk Chiffon
  4. Fun
  5. Elegant
  6. Not overdone
  7. Classic
  8. Unique
  9. Young
  10. Pink
Need I say more?

The Intersection of Fashion and Design 2

Tell me that these Rodarte Spring 2009 Collection laser cut leather leggings and Frances Elkins loop chairs do not belong together. 

(photos courtesy of,, and

Rodarte Spring 2009

My post yesterday featured the Fall 2009 Collection by those amazing Rodarte sisters. If you are ready to start thinking of spring wear instead, look no further than Rodarte's Spring 2009 Ready to Wear. I love these ultra feminine but edgy Grecian inspired dresses. Everybody is talking about their leggings which, unfortunately, are leather and cost $920. They are sure to inspire knock-offs. I have shown below some leg looks which I think are reminiscent, available now, and cost from $5. These range from the wilder Patricia Field to the more ladylike Hue. This would be a great look now to transition into spring and to wear all spring and summer.

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