Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making Scents of It

These are my favorite elegant choices to make your home smell wonderful and look beautiful. 
Agraria makes excellent home fragrances. Their unique perfumed tassels called TasselAire are perfect for hanging on a doorknob, closet hook, chest, or armoire. My favorites are Mediterranean Jasmine and Bitter Orange. 

Seda France's home fragrances are amazing and the toile boxes they come in are gorgeous. Try one of their wonderful candles or diffusers that will last for months. I especially like French Tulip and Japanese Quince. Japanese Quince is quite unisex and makes a great gift for a man.
Diptyque candles are iconic. Check out Baies-an intoxicating mix of black current leaves and Bulgarian roses. This new black version is stunning.
For a beautiful and exotic natural fragrance for your home buy a Buddha's hand at your gourmet grocer or Asian market. One would look amazing sitting on a counter or in a bowl and will give your home a wonderful citrus scent.

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