Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Art of the Ballet

I began ballet at the age of 5 and my fate was sealed-I adore black, pink, tulle, and ruffles. Here are some great ideas for incorporating the "ballet" into your wardrobe and home.

  1. Slipcover a side chair in pink or black silk organza. Or drape and wrap a chair in silk organza and tie with a silk bow.
  2. Do a room in pink and black.
  3. Paint the inside of your closet pink.
  4. Homage to Diana Vreeland-tie a black tulle bow around your wrist-or waist or neck or head!
  5. Paint a room pink. Read the article in the January 2009 House Beautiful where designers pick their favorite pink paint colors.
  6. Use pink and black ghost chairs in your dining room.

    7. Fracas perfume-a classic!

    8. Pink and black Angel wreaths

   9. Waterford Ballet Ruffle candlesticks

   10. Phillip Lim

   11. J. Crew

   12. Men secretly love pink-Miles Redd's 
 living room.
   13. Create cheap but dramatic curtains by swagging a long length of tulle in 1 or 2 colors around your windows, letting it puddle on the floor. No need to hem-cut with pinking shears.

   14. Look for vintage tulle wedding dresses or prom dresses on eBay, thrift stores, or vintage stores. Remove the top and pair with you favorite t-shirt.
   15. Wrap a gift in tulle or tie it with a tulle bow.

   16. Hang a pink velvet or satin ribbon from your mirror.
   17. Pair black and pink pieces from your wardrobe.

   18. Use pink light bulbs in your lamps.

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