Monday, March 8, 2010

Betsey Johnson's Home

No one adores pink more than the fabulous and funky Betsey Johnson. Her New York apartment is a great inspiration. This space is all about having fun and enjoying life as a girl. This place could lift your spirits even on the gloomiest of days. It's a lovely escape. I'm obsessed with all the pink. In fact, I can't get enough. It's stylish, romantic, and bright. The use of black, yellow, and white in Betsey's rooms beautifully complements the pink walls. I love the gorgeous flower arrangements throughout the home, especially in the bathroom. How fun would playing dress up and hosting tea parties in Barbie's dream house be?

Does Betsey's home reflect her fashion style? Most definitely. Her clothes are dreamy, romantic, playful, and cheerful just like her darling abode.

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  1. I love seeing homes of fashion icons; they never disappoint and are always such a great counterpoint to their clothes. Love this post, Beth!

  2. I love that the personality of the home matches her personality (or at least what her personality seems to be based on her designs!). And of course, who doesn't love all that pink :)


  3. Wow*°*°* I'm a fan of Betsey Johnson !
    I missed your blog ! I don't have time anymore to visit regularly the blog I like, neither to work on mine. I get back to work in Motion Picture Industry cause it's more and more difficult to be a personal shopper.
    But your post is awesome... as always
    Wish you a happy woman day*°*°*

  4. Her home is like her dresses, girly and fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. It reflects her personality. I see her doing cartwheels in there (something she loves to do.)

  6. Averill- So true. I think it's wonderful to see inside fashion designers homes. It's a great treat!

  7. Noemie- Thanks for the kind words. :) Betsey has always been one of my very favorite fashion icons.

  8. Color and Style- I can only imagine how fun living there would be.