Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring & Summer Trends K to O

Today we continue our exploration of spring and summer trends. Metallic and nude are two of my favorites. I've discovered that I love most of the trends for the season. I'm very excited about all the great fashion I get to enjoy over the next few months.

K is for Knots

L is for Lingerie

M is for Metallics

N is for Nude

O is for Orange

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  1. fantastic spring inspiration! loving that check number. :)

  2. Totally creative. Great images as usual. I wantthat last nude dress. Not that it would look anything like that on me but I can dream :) Marija

  3. Loving the nude as well, especially nude shoes. Such a fresh update on spring/summer sandals and perfect with the bold colors (like orange).

  4. erica- Me too. So summery and fun.

  5. Marija- I'm sure you could rock it. :)

  6. Averill- Yes, I love that nude works with any color you choose to pair it with.

  7. Love the checks and the orange dress. Great choices!