Friday, March 12, 2010

Milly's Home

Michelle Smith, the designer behind Milly, has style that is undeniably chic and modern. Her clothes are very feminine and easy to wear. Michelle is known for her bold use of color, attention-grabbing prints, and choice of luxurious fabrics. I love the color palette and the mesmerizing prints in her Manhattan apartment. Her home is very relaxed yet sophisticated and charming.

(photos courtesy of and Elle Decor)


  1. I love Milly's home (and her clothes). Again, the designer's fashion sense is echoed in her decor.

    Have a great weekend, Beth!

  2. Love it. I especially love that first room.

  3. Averill- Her taste really is fab! It really is a great inspiration/treat seeing inside such fabulous homes.

  4. ticklishfromadistance- Yes, the dining room is exquisite. Love the wallpaper.