Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun with Hats

These beautiful Etsy hats and fascinators are created by a Seattle based designer, Belle, who has over fifteen years of experience in the fine art of millinery. Check out Belle's profile to learn her interesting background. She's been featured in Elle and the Martha Stewart show. Her creations are tremendously stunning and look exactly like something both Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker would proudly don! In fact, the first hat instantly reminded me of the extravagant Philip Treacy that Sarah wore to the premiere of Sex and the City.

I get a Luella vibe from a couple of these handmade darlings- i.e. the heart-shaped blue silk hat. Belle's prices for such carefully designed pieces are surely within the budget of a dedicated hat collector. I'd love to see the dove fascinator pop up in the sequel to Sex and the City. Carrie can never get enough birds in her hair! 


Sanity Fair said...

I love the little butterflies spangled out in the first one. Wouldn't these be lovely for weddings? I do wish we could all get over our aversion to WEARING hats. There is strength in numbers! I remember on Easter as a little girl all the hats... but no one even wears them on Easter now.

Style Redux said...

Sanity Fair- It's so true. You never see hats and it's a shame. The butterfly one is too cute. I'd love to wear it for a garden party.