Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer 2010 Flats-Tweed

I love the look of tweed flats for the summer. Such a luxe look. The top two pairs are currently available at J.Crew. But don't be afraid to wear a pair you might have picked up this winter. Fabrics like tweed, cashmere, and velvet are no longer reserved for winter, but add unexpected luxury to the summer wardrobe.


Kate Spade winter collection

Marc Jacobs winter collection

J.Crew winter collection


Lily Lemontree said...

Love them all!

Averill said...

I don't normally think of tweed as summery, but these fresh colors really do transition beautifully for all four seasons.

Style Redux 2 said...

Lily-Very Chanel!

Style Redux 2 said...

Averill-Chanel shows tweed all year for example.