Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Favorite Runway Pieces-Jason Wu

I loved the feathered cocktail dresses on this spring's runway by hot 27 year old designer Jason Wu. The blush pink dress captured everyone's attention, including Demi Moore and Iman. We will be seeing more feathered frocks in Wu's fall 2010 collection.

Demi Moore


Fall 2010


  1. Love feathers for editorial shoots and red carpet appearances, but not sure how they would hold up in the real world (all that sitting/standing I would imagine to be hard on them). That said though, love the one Demi and Iman snatched up -- the chartreuse belt with the blush pink is perfection.

  2. Completely gorgeous!

    xoxo Beth

  3. Averill-I would wear these to a cocktail party-mostly stand up function.