Monday, November 2, 2009

Mad Men Fashion File

Last night's episode of Mad Men, although a sobering one with the Kennedy assassination and the implosion of the Draper's marriage, was nevertheless visually stunning. Betty Draper's ensemble at the wedding of Margaret Sterling was wonderful-an ice blue brocade suit with white mink collar. I hope you caught the matching white mink capelet and ice blue shoes and handbag as well. And speaking of stunning, I adored Margaret Sterling's wedding gown and especially her headpiece of feathers, pearls, and silk illusion. These would be perfect ideas to borrow for a fall or winter wedding. Betty's outfit would be ideal for the mother of the bride. Margaret's headpiece was so elegant-straight out of Swan Lake. Don't forget your pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings!


  1. Fantastic post!
    I luuuuurve Mad Men, especially the costumes!


  2. to say nothing of her stay at home bathrobe, that gold thing with the swing styling....those suits, those Jacki O hats (pillboxes)...I LOVE this show too!!!

  3. That was such an amazing episode. My favorite outfit was Trudy's blue dress and shoes. Gorgeous.

  4. CC-The clothes are fabulous-I can't believe next Sunday is the finale!

  5. Kit-I love it all-I'll have to do a post on all these outfits if I can find photos.