Sunday, January 18, 2009

Neon Brights.

Neon is super hot right now. It'll take off even more in the spring, but why wait. Some people might think, "Must we travel back to the days of scrunchies and legwarmers?" You might be surprised when you end up jumping on the neon bandwagon, and who better to trust when it comes to fashion do's than the one and only Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton Graffiti collection is hot off the presses and is a tribute to the late artist Stephen Sprouse, who had a major influence towards the 1980s pop movement. The graffiti print and the rose appear on Marc's bags, shoes, and accessories. Marc can be such a hipster. He always has an eye on what's "in" and produces pieces that have a one of a kind feel. I'd say these pieces definitely fit the bill. 

These accessories are undoubtedly trendy, but just imagine black next to bright. (photos courtesy of and

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