Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Favorite Fragrances

It's always such a delight when you find a fragrance that you've completely fallen for. Right now I love two. The first is Happ & Stahns Perfumers, a light floral consisting of wisteria, darjeeling tea, grapefruit, musk, Alba roses. Not to mention the beautiful bottle with its pincushion top and sweet pins. The second is Kate Spade Twirl. The combination of floral and fruit is invigorating. Sweet magnolia, orange blossom, pink watermelon, blackberry, and even a hint of french macarons (my favorite).


  1. Unfortunately Twirl doesn't last very long! It smells delicious, but it's not a very well made fragrance, so I've found it fades very quickly on everyone I've tried it on. I used to work as a fragrance demo in a department store, and when it came out I was so excited!
    I recently absolutely fell in love with Narcisco Rodriguez's perfume, which is a spicy floral; perfect for winter.

  2. I haven't smelt that new Kate Spade fragrance but I am dying to!! You have inspired!

  3. a perfume bottle AND hat pin holder... oh that's divine!