Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lipstick Perfection

This has become my signature lipstick-Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. A beige-rose, it gives a very polished and elegant look, and goes with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress.


  1. One of the prettiest shades I've seen. Not too shabby on Ms. Paradis, either.

  2. I love Chanel lipsticks I always go back to them. Plus, they have great colors for redheads!
    Did you know that the birdcage motif in the Chanel lipstick ads with Vanessa was inspired by the birdcage trinket in Chanel's apartment?
    Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and he uses so many things for inspiration that link back to Coco Chanel.

  3. Marie Arden-I wear only Chanel lipstick.