Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrity Style-Kate Spade

I am a huge fan of the personal style of Kate Spade. We are both petite brunette former midwesterners who grew up wearing Pappagallo flats and straw bags. Our fashion aesthetic is amazingly the same:
1. Our style icons are Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley
2. Mules
3. Cinch waists
4. Ice cream colors
5. Whimsical
6. Girly
7. Pink and green
8. Bows
9. Black capri pants
10. Cashmere sweaters
11. Ballet flats
12. Straw bags
13. Collectors of bracelets
14. Large earrings
15. Polka dots
16. Stripes
17. Classics
18. Preppy
19. No stockings
20. Love saturated colors
21. Cocktail rings
22. Red and pink lipsticks
23. La Mer
24. Our most indispensable item of clothing is coats and we wear them indoors and outdoors all year long

(Photos courtesy of Vogue, Life)


  1. Ohhh, I just loved reading this. That's me too. Except for the La Mer. Haven't tried it. Is it really all that?

  2. Cute post! Wish you would have added some comparison photos of yourself!

  3. She is fabulous!
    Lovely post, darling!


  4. Alexandra Rae-It's all that and then some.