Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I am speechless over word of the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. A fashion icon, he was truly one of the greats. His women were powerful, strong, and fearless. Both Kate and I will cherish the pieces we have of his-Kate's from his collection for Target, mine a fabulous, voluminous, wired skirt I will wear tonight in his honor. Such a profound loss for the fashion world.


  1. amazing post*°*°*°
    check mine ;-)
    respect !

  2. Such a nice post with great photos. His work and eye amazes me. He will be missed*

    xo Noel

  3. I always wanted to save pennies and have one of his couture pieces. I remember a jacket he designed that Tilda Swinson modeled during her Orlando phase that was mindboggling in detail, creativity and beauty. It was like something Elizabeth I would have worn into battle.

    I hate it when the truly (and I mean "truly") creative pass on. Someone with a unique vision.

  4. McQueen's shows were my favorite -- his sense of theatricality was unparalled and he truly put the "show" back in "Fashion Show". He'll be missed.

  5. Washington Cube-I will miss his unique vision.

  6. Averill-He was definitely not generic.