Monday, January 25, 2010

Kate Spade Spring Stripes

Who does stripes better than Kate Spade? Here are my favorites for spring. Above, the Striped Rosette Tank. I adore the oversized flower-so chic and cheeky-definitely on my wish list. Below, the Sag Harbor Dinner Plate. So Hamptons, so versatile, so whimsical for the blue and white table.

The iPhone Case. Whimsy and safety for your precious iPhone-I got one for Christmas and I love it.

The Soda Fountain Stripe Ivy Car Coat. So classic and vintage, with three quarter sleeves and bow buttons.

The Wellie Magee Bag. So brilliant-the wellie boot reinvented as a waterproof handbag. Bring on the rain!


  1. OMG - toooo yummy - ALL of it! That oh-so-french rosette top gives me a lot of incentive to work on getting my arms toned post-bebe!

  2. Soooooo gorgeous! I need that iPhone case!


  3. Oh, I love me some stripes! That striped coat is fantastic.

  4. These are such phone - especially the iphone case. A touch nautical, but not at all predictable!
    I loved Remix when it was in Alexandria too. It's such a shame. I'm also fond of Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown!

  5. Abby-You'll see a lot of stripes this spring.

  6. SF-I preferred Remix when it was in Alexandria over AC or Remix's new location. I never go to that area and her prices went up substantially.