Monday, August 24, 2009

Louis Vuitton et moi

I adore the Louis Vuitton fall collection and thought it would be fun to see what ideas I would like to incorporate in my fall wardrobe.

A great dressy embellished coat-I have a vintage coat very similar to this that even has black fox cuffs. I love the upswept hair as well.

Gray, ruching, a statement necklace, a big handbag.

Yellow for fall-remember that great yellow Kate Spade dress-also crazy about this yellow J.Crew jacket and coat. I also like the idea of prints for fall.

Black and pink-my all time favorite combination.

Black, pink, ruffles, and bunny ears-I'm there!

Love the black lace stockings.

Two colors of pink together-brilliant.

More pink for fall-yes! I also adore all the ribboned platform shoes.

Love the deep pink bra showing through the blush pink.

Purple and black-especially the purple necklace and long gloves. This is how I would wear purple this fall-with lots of black for a more elegant look.

Any ideas here you will try?

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  1. I always love Louis! As for what I'm going to try this fall, I like the rabbit ears, but I am going to get my hands on that black ruffled bag for shizzle! Hello Kitty's birthday!

  2. Looooove this collection, especially the ruched gray dress. And I would definitely wear those purple gloves!


  3. This collection is divine. I am loving all of the volume and ruffles for fall!

  4. Jenn-So feminine but sophisticated.

  5. Beth - this is a GREAT list. I love your ideas. Almost as good as all LV! :)

  6. I love that gray ruched dress -- so sophisticated and sexy in an understated way!

  7. SF-Thanks-I have many similar pieces, so this has given me ideas on putting things together in new ways.

  8. Averill-Gray and ruching is totally my taste.